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Ms. Emmett in the Classroom

Nimitz HS Placement 2018

After an introductory Technical Theatre lesson at Nimitz High School

Nimitz HS Placement 2018

A student participates in Ms. Emmett's Shakespeare annotation activity for a Theatre II class


"Project Runway - Unconventional Materials Challenge" -- an elementary costume lesson

IMG_1148 (1)

Exploring the DJing element in our Hip Hop dance class


First Graders practicing their "Fight for What is Right" poses in a Luchador(a) Mask Making Theatre Unit

El Jardin

A Kindergarten Arts Integration lesson in El Jardin (The Garden)

Nimitz HS Placement 2018

This student shows off her original costume rendering as a part of a technical theater design unit

Muy Excited about our Selena Costume Renderings

Mask Making

First graders explore their Luchadora poses after trying on their self-made masks

KIPP Academy Facilitation 2016

Guiding students through inquiry in an Arts Integration exploring imaginative learning with mathematics

Anderson HS Auditions 2017

Greeting students as they prepare for UT Directing the Young Performer auditions


Elementary students brainstorm their narrative building project


Story-tellers class practices non-verbal communication with their favorite numbers game

On the stage, after school, and in my own process of learning

Luna Performance DVMS

Luna cast performs for Del Valley Middle School audience

Stories of Us Community Engagement

Stories of Us post-show community engagement

Mentor Teacher Meting Fall 2017

Pre-service curriculum building with mentor teacher -- UT Austin

CA Teen Workshop 2017

Teens in the Hip Hop Theatre Workshop explore the 4 Elements


Rehearsal Photoshoot for TwentyEight at the Vortex Theatre - Austin, TX

Luna school performance 2017

Luna and one of her favorite "stars" shine together post-show


Student audience members pose Luna post-show

Hip Hop Workshop with CA Teens

Leading Teens through an interactive discussion on the 4 elements of Hip Hop

Luna Tour 2017

Actors from the Luna cast pose with KIPP Academy audience members post-show

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