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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach encourages critical thinking through artistry as a means for evoking imagination and inquiry. Through interactive classroom activities that cater to the kinesthetic, auditory, visual and other types of learners, drama-based pedagogy keeps students engaged and ever curious. My philosophical perspective on maintaining a safe and productive space includes clearly communicating standards for safe behavior and prioritizing high levels of student involvement, leaving opportunity for their engagement and voice. Non-traditional teaching styles, such as those that use drama, open opportunities for sustained engagement on one topic at a time, which is important for cognitive growth and development of individual perspective and creativity. My purpose as an arts educator is to nurture such growth for our future community leaders by empowering the voices they perhaps aren’t even aware they have.

A huge aspect of my teaching philosophy depends upon establishing community within a group of young people by first understanding my students on an individual basis, allowing them the chance to understand their own identities, then giving them the opportunity to understand others. My goal is to create a classroom community where differences are acknowledged and celebrated, while unity through team building is still maintained. Thus, strengthening a student’s sense of contribution to their peers and to their communities at large.

Ms. Emmett

in the Classroom

See what it looks like to explore a range of drama-based activities on site in various Texas schools. A life-long learner and imagination explorer herself, she always welcomes fun into the space!

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